EZ Vinyl 2

Bring your treasured records and tapes to your iPhone or iPad.
Quite simply, ION products deliver the answer to: “Gee, I wish there was a product that could do…...”

EZ Vinyl 2 - At A Glance

ION Audio’s EZ Vinyl 2 converter app makes the vinyl conversion process quick and easy. Building upon the highly acclaimed original EZVinyl, version 2 adds Gracenote automatic track detection and improved track editing tools, all utilizing a powerful new engine developed in partnership with Convert Technologies.

Multi Platform

A truly multi-platform app, that works perfectly with most Android and iOS devices.

Gracenote Recognition

Fully automated album and track recognition, including artwork.

World's 1st app to...

Record your precious vinyl from any turntable with a USB output.


An integrated music player lets you listen to tracks instantly.

Simple Recording Operation

Step 1. Put the needle on your record
Step 2. Tap the red dot
Step 3. Let the app take care of everything else

After a few seconds, our integrated Gracenote look-up service will identify the track from its online database providing: artist name, song title, album title, album artwork, and genre tags. You don’t need to worry about editing anything unless you want to.

Friendly Support

To start using the EZ Vinyl 2 app to record your records, you will need a USB Turntable and an adapter cable to connect your mobile device via USB.

For User Guides, FAQs and links to purchase your additional kit… Get Support Here!

The EZ Vinyl 2 converter app works best with ION Audio’s Turntables & Tape Decks but supports all popular USB Audio conversion brands!